Directions to the Joshua-Tor Lab

The Joshua-Tor Lab is part of the W.M. Keck Structural Biology Laboratory located in the Beckman Building on the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory campus.

Directions to Beckman Building: Once you enter the CSHL campus proceed straight ahead to the stop sign.  Approximately 100 feet after the stop sign, you will come to a fork in the road.  Bear left and drive up the hill.  Make a left turn before the traffic circle.  The Beckman parking garage will be in front of you. Follow the ramp up to the top floor of the parking garage and you may park in any spot without a nameplate. To enter the building, walk through the brick pillars into the courtyard and make a left. Enter through the double doors and take the stairs to your right down one floor.

  • From Beckman Parking Lot

  • From Beckman Courtyard

Contact Us

  • Professor Leemor Joshua-Tor



  • Lauren Richter, Sr. Scientific Administrator



  • Stephanie Goldsmith, Lab Manager



  • Mailing Address

    Beckman Building - Joshua-Tor Lab
    One Bungtown Road
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724